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Western Tasmania

Apart from small, planted specimens growing in botanic gardens and at the Visitor Centre at Strahan, you have to get out into the wilds of western Tasmania to see large and old Huon pines in their natural rainforest habitat.

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Southern Tasmania

In southern Tasmania you need to go to the tree's namesake, the Huon River, to see the trees in the wild. Past Geeveston is the Tahune Airwalk. Make sure you take the deviation off the elevated boardwalk to stroll along the Huon Pine Walk where, not surprisingly, you will see lots of Huon pines. Tahune Walk
Apart from these places, only bushwalkers, rafters/ kayakers, or small boat owners prepared to go into the wild rivers of South West Tasmania will be able to see these trees in their natural habitat.
We can guarantee, however, that if you do make the effort to visit the wet and rugged cool temperate rainforests - a time machine into the ancient Gondwana landscape - you will be well rewarded. As more than one visitor has told us, 'There is a surprise around every corner'.

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